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The company

When we began this adventure, in 1994, we had the stubbornness of those who have deeply rooted in their past certain values and have the full awareness of the necessity to grind their teeth: success was certainly not there, behind the corner, waiting for us. But in our destiny, working with seriousness and care, we already perceived many positive elements that this profession – that is all about - would have brought to us. And here we are. Years gone by, different trends (always vain), but we are still here to choose and offer to our clients the most beautiful corals, bright pearls, the ambers, the turquoises, the tourmalines and the agates more valuable, capable to create peculiars and refined jewels, selecting the best brands offered by the market.

Then the ceramics arrived and with those we have understood – and hope to have well passed on to our friends – how precious can be a vase other than a jar, a plate or a centrepiece. And above all this, how many analogies we can find out between a precious jewel or a delicate decoration on a majolica. Art meeting art…

Also following this line of reference, ideally traced on our path from the beginning, we have come up against cutlery collection works. How much astonishment to hold in our hands an object born and entirely refined manually! How much pleasure to stare at a masterpiece with a horn handle, inlaid brass, preciously engraved and wedded with a forged steel blade. In the end…a technological perfection combined with the most pure and essential design. The brand new ceramic cutlery.

All you will find in these pages is the result of research, from the smallest piece to the one of major volume and importance. We are here for You, to select your present or give in your small or big vices. Let us guide you.

"Cosepreziose" di Livia Scognamiglio
via dei Mulini, 20 - Fraz. Bagno Vignoni
53027 San Quirico d'Orcia (Siena)

e-mail: info@cosepreziose.eu
tel.: 0577887561

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