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Events in Bagno Vignoni

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Presences and famous guests

The village has many times been honored by the presence of famous guests. Dating back to the past, we have hosted the Patron Saint of Italy, Santa Caterina da Siena (known as Caterina Salimbeni) sent to Bagno di Vignoni by her mother who didn’t want her to become a nun. It is told that, on the contrary, the parent obtained the exact opposite: the calm and the solitude of the village, together with the very warm bath (taken directly at the font at 51°), lead Santa Caterina to immediately decide for the monastic life. Afterward, Lorenzo il Magnifico, the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, Pope Pio II Piccolomini and many others passed through the village. In recent times, Bagno Vignoni has often become a film setting: Andrej Arsen’evic Tarkovskij (1983) with Nostalghìa, Carlo Verdone (1992) with Al lupo al lupo, Giorgio Panariello and Luisa Corna (2000) with Al momento giusto, but also other villages of this area (Pienza with English Patient of 1996, San Quirico d’Orcia with The Gladiator of 2000 and La mia vita a stelle e strisce of 2003, etc.). Therefore, you could find yourself being part of film or a spot: many important companies have already chosen these sweet hills as a location for their shots.

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