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1. To use the chart and order your products is it necessary to subscribe?

No, it is not necessary to subscribe: simply, you choose the products from our catalogue and then send the order. You will be asked to give an email address for confirmation. Followed by a brief correspondence by email for the completion of the order, during which will be communicated accurately all ancillary costs ( shipping , insurance , etc. ). . Only at the end will be a confirmation of the final order. In a nutshell ... the ok to order shipping.

2. The personal information that I filled in, i.e. the email, will they be kept in a database?

No, no client database exists and the information given by the clients will be used only for the time necessary to conclude the transaction and the sending of the products purchased.

3. What kind of products are being discussed?

To know the products that we discuss online, it is sufficient to have a look at the pages of our catalogue. There you will find the 4 main categories:

Each categories presents some subcategories: Jewellery and Silver Costume, to make an example, rings, earrings, necklace, pendant, brooches, etc.

4. What kind of characteristics do your products have?

We sell original products of high quality. We prefer to offer, both in the ceramics, cutlery and in the jewellery or custom jewellery, handmade products. We try to choose, for each category, those national companies that we deem distinguish themselves for the beauty of the product and the quality of the manufacture, trying to keep the best price relation for a product.

5. Your products are authentically original?

Yes absolutely, they are original and guaranteed. In each category we realize unique products for each client’s demand or drawing.

6. Which are the payments methods?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or all major credit cards through Paypal, a total guarantee of the buyer.
The bank transfer data are:

Cosepreziose di Livia Scognamiglio
via dei Mulini, 20 - frazione Bagno Vignoni
53027San Quirico d'Orcia (Siena) - Italy

Banca Centro - Credito Cooperativo Toscana - Umbria
IBAN: IT38X0707572020000000040164

In case of bank transfer it is fundamental to keep track of the statement which will be indicated with an email after the purchase, in order to quickly identify the order and the products contained in it without any mistake. In the case of payment by Paypal, after confirmation of order, the customer will receive a Paypal invoice with the specification of the items purchased and the associated costs. Guided through simple steps, simply indicate the number of credit card and order and the deadline will be complete. Then You should only wait for the arrival of the goods within a few days.

7. How do I know if the product I wish to buy from the catalogue is available?

If you find it in the catalogue, it normally means that it is available. In any case, before proceeding with any payment, wait for an email confirmation that will assure its availability.

8. How long does it take for the arrival of the goods?

We send the goods ensured through an express carrier. In Italy it normally takes 3 days. In foreign countries the schedule can be different according to the destination and the kind of expedition chosen (by airplane, by train, etc).

9. How much does it cost to send the goods?

It depends on the volume, the valor, the weight of goods and – for foreign countries – the distances to be reached: on the first email, you will receive the detailed total amount of your expenses, included the expedition ones.

10. Which are the guarantees on the expeditions?

Our goods are censured so the products are absolutely guarantees. Before picking up the package, please make sure it is intact; in case not, give notice immediately to the carrier. If any item is damaged, you should notify us immediately by email (info@cosepreziose.eu) will give you all the instructions so that we can activate the insurance coverage .

11. Do you send packages also abroad?

Yes of course, all over the world.

12. What happen in case I want to make a present?

In this case we will ask you for your address and the address of the person to whom the present has to be sent to. You can eventually indicate us if you want to put a note or card to be joined with the present. The present will be delivered to that person, with a kind greeting card, and you will be recognized as the sender. All this within the date specified by you

13. What about if I need an invoice?

There is no problem. It is sufficient to indicate the corporate name, the fiscal information of the applicant even if different from the consignee: the invoice will be send in the same package. In case some of the information needed for the invoicing of the package are missing, we will only send the receipt. Obviously, all the prices indicated in the catalogue include VAT.

14. Do you send the goods right after the order confirmation?

No, the goods will be sent only after you will give definitive confirmation to our email where we will summarize the total amount of your expense ( also includes above additional costs) and in case of payment through bank transfer or Paypal, only when we will have confirmation of its good receipt.

15.If I need some clarification concerning the articles or the expedition, methods of payment or other, to whom can I address myself to?

A Client Service is always operative every day (from 9,30 a.m. to 7,30 p.m., included holidays) and will be glad to solve for you every problem. It is sufficient to call the number +39 0577887561 or write an email (info@cosepreziose.eu).

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